Bourne 2 Cycle


How does it all work?

To book, click "Book Now" which will show you our calendar of availability. Fill out our online booking form and pay a £50 deposit to secure the date and time slot. Once booking is confirmed, we will send you further info with the meeting point, exact times and answer all questions you may have. Balance is due 2 weeks prior to your event - we will automatically email you with a link to follow.

Where is the meeting point?

The meeting and finish location is:

Lynton Court (Pub)

47 Christchurch Road



If you are driving, parking is free. You must remember to pop your registration plate number into the touch screen at the bar.


How many people can be on board?

Each bike can accommodate 14 passengers:

  • Saddles with peddles (the cyclists!) - x8
  • Saddles without peddles - x2
  • Bench - x2

Minimum of 6 people, maximum 14 people.

(Please note: if you choose The Ultimate Ride, the group maximum size is 12 due to the Host/Hostess needing room)

It is important to us that we make our experiences as accessible as possible. Please contact us with any questions if a member of your party has additional requirements and we will adapt to the best of our ability.


Bournemouth is hilly, how will it work?

The route we have chosen does not involve any hills and the way bike is manufactured makes it easy to cycle.


How much do you charge?

Prices start from £24 per person. Please refer to "Packages/Prices" for a breakdown of options. There are no hidden fees - the basic package will include everything essential for a standard ride.


Do we bring our own drinks?

Yes. You are allowed to bring beer, cider, wine or champagne. No hard spirits are permitted on board. Cups and cup holders are provided. Glassware is only allowed inside the cooler. Bottles are allowed, we will just need to pre pour into cups and pour as we go. This means cans of beer or pre mixed cocktails are preferred, and most convenient for customers. 


Is smoking allowed?

Yes - smoking and vaping is allowed on board.


Can children do it?

Passengers under 18 must:

  • be accompanied by an adult
  • Wear seatbelts at all times if not on the bench.

Anyone who can not properly reach pedals would have to take a non cycling seat. We do not permit alcohol on any rides which include children. Parents/guardians must sign our waiver on behalf of their dependents agreeing responsibility. Thinking about booking a kid's birhday party? Call us to discuss options (including adapted route) and additional safety procedures.


Any rules we should be aware of?

No intoxicated passengers are allowed on board. Any unsociable behaviour will not be tolerated and may cause the tour to be terminated.


Will you have music on board?

Yes, you can use your device to connect to our speaker system or we can play our house playlist for you.


What happens if it rains?

In the event of a simple shower, the bike has a roof which will protect you from rain. We also keep waterproof ponchos on board which make for great photos! If it were to become stormy and impossible to cycle, we would terminate the trip and discuss options.


How long is the tour?

After welcome, setup and briefing, the actual tour takes approximately an hour, depending on traffic. This includes two stopovers - one for a toilet break and one on the clifftops, where you can soak up the sights of the beach and get some amazing group photos overlooking the sea.


Do you allow decor?

Decor can be placed inside the bike, as long as our driver can see the road 100% clearly.  For an additional cost, we can tailor decorate your bike with balloons, banners and props for a special surprise. Please contact us to discuss.


Do you do corporate advertising?

Yes! Drop us an email with exact details and we will provide you with a quote.

Can you recommend any other activities for our group?

Yes - we work closely with other local businesses and would love to recommend their services if you'd like help building a stag/hen/birthday weekend.